Favela Flava

January 24, 2012

The idyllic country of Brazil is home to beautiful people, beaches, rain forests and a conglomeration of cultures but under the span of Christ the Redeemer lies a less spoken of piece of Rio. In 2005 two Dutch artists who go by the names Haas & Hahn took on a project that would transform one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio’s Penha section into a true community. Not only did they employ the local youth to get the murals underway, the citizens who had been warned to avoid coming outside due to gang wars just weeks before treated the art as a reason for celebration. The streets were flooded with families who were able to enjoy the beauty and cultural injection gifted to their neighborhood. This project by Haas & Hahn is a prime example that the broken window theory can be effectively subsided, if not reversed.


Ballerina Project

January 18, 2012

Almost every little girl dreams of being a ballerina for at least a moment in their childhood. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with Natalie Portman’s body nor do I want to give up margaritas but fortunately I have come to terms with those two realizations. Here is a peek at an amazing project by photographer Dane Shitagi. He does a beautiful job capturing the emotions of these unbelievably eloquent women in America’s urban landscape.


Michael Mitchell

January 11, 2012

After a much needed hiatus from classes and the grind of college, I’m back to posting and overly ecstatic about my new internship at Michael Mitchell Gallery  in Charleston. The contemporary gallery on King Street doubles as an amazing venue for anything from mixology competitions to fashion shows and rehearsal dinners. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the showroom. Happy New Year!

Daniel McClendon

David Ryden

Elizabeth Foster

John Stango

Sunday kind of love

December 12, 2011

It’s funny how many things on the internet seem much more appealing during finals.

New Creation

December 9, 2011

Pancakes are the new cupcakes… right?

I made this little creation for a poetry reading held by my creativity class. They loved them so I figured I would share!


Just Add Water pancake batter
Add 1/2 finely chopped apple
White chocolate chips
Dash or two of sugar
*mix all this into the batter and then make 2” pancakes

Powdered Sugar
Melted Butter
1 cap full of vanilla
Two pinches of finely chopped apple

Topping: (you just need a drizzle of this on top of the icing)
Caramelize the other half of your finely chopped apple in butter and granulated sugar on the stove. This will turn a little soupy.

Let the pancakes cool. Put the icing in a zip lock baggie and cut off the corner, small enough to let the icing keep form but large enough for the apple bits to go through. Ice the pancakes however you wish and then add the semi cooled caramelized apple topping. Dust with cinnamon and sugar! 

Horse Country

November 29, 2011

Although these posts are becoming few and far between, I haven’t given up! Life is busier than ever but it is staying beautiful. Hoping everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. Here are some photos from the second leg of my long weekend adventures : Charlottesville, VA.






The land of Oz

October 22, 2011

My best friend and sister just took one big leap, moving down and over to the island of Australia. Yes, I may still be “living the college dream” in our countries best city (thank you Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards), but between the accents, Thai food and the summer season approaching, how could I not be jealous…?

Fall Back

September 20, 2011

As neglectful as I have been to my blog the past month (rounding down here…) I have been seriously busy in the real world. It’s so great to be back! Finally finding the time to post some personal photos from my most recent adventures and interesting sights.

August 6, 2011