September 29, 2010

If you have seen my recent albums then I am sure it’s quite obvious… I love the graffiti in Barcelona. I take pictures of the street art almost everyday but here are a few of my favorites!


La Mercé

September 28, 2010

In 1687 the fabulous city of Barcelona encountered a little Pterygote problem, better known today as a plague of locusts. As was custom back in the day, the city turned to God and sought aid from the Virgin La Mercé or the Virgin of Mercy. Soon after the bugs skipped town, the city council decided to turn La Mercé into the patron saint of Barcelona. It took about two hundred years for the Vatican to ratify the decision but in late September of 1868 it was official and BCN has been doing it big ever since. Festival La Mercé was unlike any celebration I have ever experienced. 5 days of music, fire/fireworks, films, parades, metros packed like sardines (one of Barcelona’s favorite foods), bumper cars, human towers, towering dolls, sangria, mischief, mayhem and a good deal of Catalan culture.

Old City, New Faces

September 20, 2010

After a long weekend of club hopping and sleeping our days away, a few of my 6 room mates and I decided we would make our Sunday somewhat productive. The day started around 3 with a little photo walk through the old city (Gothic Area) with a break or two for some coffee and pastries. My love for croissants is growing rapidly and I haven’t even made it to Paris yet– things could get ugly. We explored the narrow streets, dodging a few mobbish processions in honor of Le Mercé… a festival starting this upcoming week with music, fireworks, human towers, and 20 foot dolls paraded throughout the streets (pictures soon to come). Paella was calling our name as we passed by the marina in Barceloneta and we were able to catch some of the Barca match. The night ended with an adventure in search of the fountains that lived “somewhere off the green line”. Great. Eventually we did find them though and it was completely worth the vacant/creepy metro ride.


September 10, 2010

Exceptionally-BUSY can’t even begin to describe my first full (fantastic) week here in Spain. Somewhere between the puddle jumping, flight hopping, tour taking, bus riding, bar crawling and a little bit of class, I did manage to knock a few things off of my elaborate to-do list. After a day long siesta due to my new 5 am bedtime I put on some very, very American nike kicks, a sorority tee shirt, black yoga pants and a pair of sunglasses in effort to hide my face from the stares I knew I was about to endure because of my outfit.  The rebel was slung around my neck while I made my trek uptown to Park Güell… where I was absolutely moved to tears by Gaudi’s work. Here is a little bit of what I captured. Honestly, the pictures don’t do it justice—This is a place you really do have to see for yourself.