Old City, New Faces

September 20, 2010

After a long weekend of club hopping and sleeping our days away, a few of my 6 room mates and I decided we would make our Sunday somewhat productive. The day started around 3 with a little photo walk through the old city (Gothic Area) with a break or two for some coffee and pastries. My love for croissants is growing rapidly and I haven’t even made it to Paris yet– things could get ugly. We explored the narrow streets, dodging a few mobbish processions in honor of Le Mercé… a festival starting this upcoming week with music, fireworks, human towers, and 20 foot dolls paraded throughout the streets (pictures soon to come). Paella was calling our name as we passed by the marina in Barceloneta and we were able to catch some of the Barca match. The night ended with an adventure in search of the fountains that lived “somewhere off the green line”. Great. Eventually we did find them though and it was completely worth the vacant/creepy metro ride.


One Response to “Old City, New Faces”

  1. COOL SARAH!! that fountain is AMAZING!!!

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