Jet Settas

November 5, 2010

This past month has been an amazing whirlwind of traveling, family and friends. My sister and I met up in Dublin, where we spent a few nights at a lovely B&B and traveled along the coast to a small town called Malahide. After a few too many ciders and a missed flight, we made our way over to London to visit gorgeous Borges and family friend, Jeremy. We had an adorable tour guide who we swore could feel the connection that we felt toward him and would ultimately stop tour-guiding for the day and hang out with us… no such luck. The tea and scones 3 times a day (plus some pretty amazing art at the Tate and few good nights out)  finally mended our broken hearts and we made our way back to Spain to meet up with our parents.

While my parents were in town, we made a trip by train over to Monsurrat; a jagged mountain range that houses one of the most elaborate basilicas I have ever seen, as well as some amazing views of Cataluña. We managed to eat our way through Barcelona during the week that they were in town and by Thursday Ali and I decided it was time to head to Paris to see Peyton!

If I knew how to speak french, you would need to google translate this entire post. Luckily I don’t know french but I came to love the language during my few days in the city. Pan au Chocolat managed to become the entirety of our diet besides a few pieces of cheese and many, many bottles of wine. It was an all too short of a weekend in Paris and I hated to say bye to Ali and Peyton but I will be going back shortly!

This past weekend was Halloween and I was a little nervous that Barcelona hadn’t fully grasped the concept of dressing up just to get crazier than usual… but I was pleasantly surprised that I could bring some of my best friends from college to an amazing Halloween party at a beach club. How could I have doubted this city?



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