Many Thanks

November 21, 2010

Exactly one month from today I will be on a plane heading back to the good old USA to celebrate Christmas, eat way too much of my grandmother’s italian food and to be initiated back into “real life”. These last 3 months have been absolutely amazing and an eye opening experience. Since I wont be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday, I just wanted to let them to know (and whoever else is even remotely interested in looking at my blog) that I am so grateful for having such a supportive family to encourage me to explore new horizons, to push myself to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life, and to be so understanding when I make mistakes. “Learn from it this time and know better next time”… Thank you Dad. Thank you for not cutting me off when I have had to buy multiple tickets to multiple cities due to missed flights. Thank you for those “Just checking in, miss you!” emails that mean more then you could ever know. Mom, thank you for this one little piece of advice that you wrote at the end of one of our many facebook chats, “Sketch, read, love, study and PLAY!”. I look at it on my wall everyday and am reminded that in order to truly experience all that is to be experienced in this beautiful place, I need to approach life from all angles. Ali and Kris, thank you for the plethora of love notes and just being what you are, the best sisters and friends I could have ever been blessed with.

Thank you to my extended family and friends for all of the wonderful advice and encouragement you have given me while being abroad (and in life, of course). I could go on for hours but I think we all know that pictures are more fun to look at than a 10,000 word essay. Here are some pictures from my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark where I stayed with my sensational friend, Louise, toured her breathtaking city and went to SENSATION WHITE! Gracias Louie… and Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Life is so good.


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