As if the decorations in the streets of Barcelona and having my Christmas playlist constantly playing on my macbook (maybe with a few interruptions from the new Kanye album) had not yet gotten me in the mood for this holiday season, one last trip to Paris definitely did the trick. Per usual, my flights were delayed 4 and 3 hours going to and from the lovely grey city but it was for a beautiful and greatly missed reason…SNOW! Surrounded by snow, I was welcomed by chocolate, cheese, the worlds greatest space heater and two of my best friends.

After some ungodly-thick hot chocolate from Angelinas by the Tuleries and a stroll through a gallery specially designed by Monet for his works, the Christmas markets along the Champs Elysees were the perfect place to start some of my very delayed gift hunting. While Peyton was finishing up her classes for the semester I took a train over to Versailles, only to find the Chateau closed for an event! Luckily for me, the gardens were open for jogging and exploring. I chose the latter of the two, taking pictures of the grounds and some of the unusually friendly swans that I encountered.

Paris was an amazing end to my European adventures outside of Barcelona… Only 8 days left in España. How did time fly by so quickly?