changing with the season.

May 10, 2011

I was staying with my older sister at a bed and breakfast in Portobello, Dublin last fall when something very interesting happened. The B&B was run by a former celebrity stylist named Paul and his lovely wife. Paul had a plethora of great things to say about the 60’s and 70’s, how he had perfected the bellbottom flare for Mick Jagger and he even gave us directions to the spot where Bono had a pint every few days. Over tea, Paul asked which courses I had been studying in Spain. When I said I was enrolled in a graffiti class I soon realized that I should have kept that bit out. In Paul’s ever-so-fashionable eyes, graffiti was (for lack of a better word) shit.

Being the calm/cool persona that I am, I held in every single one of the ten thousand defensively vibrant words that would have come barging out of my mouth if I had been having that conversation with any other person (best not to burn up the host). I replied with what he wanted to hear, “It must be a generational thing”.

Here I am, six months later, still missing the street art class taught by my Spanish-Aussie professor and still convinced that Paul was wrong. With summer starting, work picking up, classes winding down and a lot of computer time ahead of me, I have decided to start posting some of this “generational thing” artwork and whatever mish-mosh cool stuff that I find interesting enough to share. Here is some work from BLU.

Berlin 2010

Famefest 2010

Linares, Spain 2008

Arhus, Denmark 2008

go to to check out more of Blu’s work and his crazy stop-motion vids. 


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