For every dark night, there’s a brighter day. TUPAC

June 16, 2011

Today would have been or I suppose still is Tupac’s 40th bday.

I got braces when I was in 6th grade. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that having straight teeth was worth the ugliness I would endure for the next few years, I apparently allow people to read my emotions without saying a word. Stressed? Bite my nails. Nervous? Can’t sit still. Sad? My face says it all.

My friend Jeron took one look at me the day I walked into school with my new grill, pulled a chunk of my long hair (6th grader’s way of flirting) and sang “keep your head up, ooo things’ll get brighter”. At the time I was somewhat weirded out and embarrassed (also two very normal things for 10 year old to feel) but after that day, Jeron decided that he should work on his rapping like most other boys and informed me that Tupac was his favorite.

I guess I can partially credit Tupac with boosting my self esteem during those awkward years… well at least enough to know that a boy would still give me words of encouragement with a mouth full of metal. I think he gave a lot of others a sense of hope and some pretty good music too. Happy Birthday.

He and Jada went to high school in Bmore together.

Obey Giant


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