summ summ stuff

July 29, 2011

Have had a crazy, busy, amazing last week and a half. Bopping around NYC while visiting my sister, Brooklyn to see one of my best friends, shows and shopping and even beer tasting in slower-lower DE. Sad summer is almost over but some things never last. Happy Friday!

ran into this Roa rabbit in Brooklyn last week 


weekend wishlist

June 24, 2011

Far from a bad week but it was definitely LONG!

My visual wish list for the next 3 days:

Happy Friday! 

with the danes

July 5, 2010

Another city in Europe that will definitely be seeing my face this fall is Copenhagen, Denmark, where one of my friends is studying and another calls home. 37% of it’s residents ride their bicycles to work, it is known to be one of the top 4 “best quality of life” cities in the world, and they don’t only have a huge club scene but Jazz as well…can’t wait!