New Creation

December 9, 2011

Pancakes are the new cupcakes… right?

I made this little creation for a poetry reading held by my creativity class. They loved them so I figured I would share!


Just Add Water pancake batter
Add 1/2 finely chopped apple
White chocolate chips
Dash or two of sugar
*mix all this into the batter and then make 2” pancakes

Powdered Sugar
Melted Butter
1 cap full of vanilla
Two pinches of finely chopped apple

Topping: (you just need a drizzle of this on top of the icing)
Caramelize the other half of your finely chopped apple in butter and granulated sugar on the stove. This will turn a little soupy.

Let the pancakes cool. Put the icing in a zip lock baggie and cut off the corner, small enough to let the icing keep form but large enough for the apple bits to go through. Ice the pancakes however you wish and then add the semi cooled caramelized apple topping. Dust with cinnamon and sugar!